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Hello, my name is Vienna!















I come from a long line of Italian shepherds and entrepreneurs, Irish farmers and storytellers, English teachers and sailors, and Belgian artists and travelers. This background of humble craftsmanship was encouraged throughout my family and has inspired me as a photographer and artist.


Having graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the University of Pennsylvania where I received my BFA, my photography style is deeply rooted in the foundational principles of drawing and painting, and ultimately the art of storytelling.

My work focuses on figurative narratives and the spaces subjects inhabit which seek to capture rich moments from life.


By stepping into these sacred moments that fortify and illuminate the beauty of the everyday, these images become the cameos and visual memoirs pointing towards sources of life and love.


When partnering with my clients, I bring this knowledge with me and draw on this background. I am always looking to amplify a composition, form a desirable atmosphere, and create a sense of movement through the space each figure is framed in. For all of my clients I strive to bring out their best…What makes them radiant.


I see my craft as a call to uplift the souls of another, and  respond to the true, good, and beautiful amongst different moments of life dwelling in and around each individual.


I encourage all of my clients to feel at ease and fully enjoy not just the images they get back, but the process. For me, much of art making is about the process, the moments in between decisions, and inviting the spontaneous surprises to play.


My utmost goal is for my clients to stay in the moment, and soak up in all their senses how special each day is. I make it a top priority to leave a delicate footprint and melt into the background when needed, but also know when to direct and lead. 

When looking back on that special day captured, I hope my work can bless others as they journey forward with joy and delight.



How long have you been in the photography industry?

 I studied photography throughout my high school and college career, shooting my first solo wedding when I was in school. After that, I knew I wanted to keep pursuing this passion seriously. I have continued to photograph weddings independently as a post graduate, and have also partnered with other photographers throughout Connecticut for various events and projects.  Based out of New Haven, I currently am working independently as a photographer throughout Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania. 



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