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Dwelling amidst the joy of COLOR,

This  current series of work is focused on the human figure as a means to explore questions about relationships, space, and the immediacy of time and of life. Connections between Human:Human, Human:Space, and Human:Soul are organically described as each work is crafted from memory and imagination, touching upon the interior spaces of the home and heart, rendered both indoors and outdoors. This vastly descriptive canopy experienced in life provides endless inspiration for visual narratives to emerge on each canvas in unforeseen ways that are steadily shepherded and blazed as they come into form. These relational narratives attempt to capture lived and fleeting moments in time and suspend them so as to be felt and undergone in a savored way. Although there is much delight in seeking to retain the simple enchantment found in this world, there is a bittersweetness…With the lingering of time, one is prone to realize the momentary and brief imprint of each motif being crafted. This idea trickles throughout the work with varied amounts of attention—the atmosphere of the sky describing a setting sun, or woven rug gently frayed, all fading eventually, and ceasing to retain their vibrancy. Like looking through milky glass, the lived human experience is rich,…and yet can remain feeling incomplete. There is a deep longing for the Eternal, a craving to retain and cherish, preserve and nurture, and a hunger that can make the present path being journeyed feel relentlessly unrealized. But it is in these moments so transient that there remains an underlying triumph….This “joy” in journey, of cherished life notes is what saturates our present, and sets a stage for fresh narratives to emerge giving hope to the ephemeral trails and tides revealing a deeper truth in the boundless.

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